Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Weekend Away

This weekend TJ and I spent back at the old house. We left Friday morning, stopped in Gresham and had the oil changed, went to visit my grandparents on Friday night, then on Saturday we went to Ryan's birthday party. Trudy tagged along with us, so that was nice! After that, I went to Gresham and dropped TJ off with Sam and Angie and took Brett's senior pictures. They turned out nice! I have some photoshop work to do on them and then I'll mail them to him on Tuesday. Then, TJ and I had a nice visit with Steve and Trudy that night. It was late when we left there, so I decided to spend another night in Bonduel. Then, on Sunday morning, Jason and Holly came over and I took pix for them, too. They turned out pretty nice, also! I'm starting to think I should hang my sign out. :) When I got home, the boys missed me so they took me out for supper and then I picked up Ryan's birthday present....a guinea pig! I e-mailed him a picture, but haven't heard what he thought yet. Hopefully he'll like it. R&R are all excited about it and keep wanting to hold the poor thing. It's not used to 2 rambunxious boys running around so he hides in his house. When I pry him out of there he's really well behaved, so that's good! Anywho, enough rambling for tonight.

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  1. Ryan is very excited. I will have him check his e-mail so he can see the photo! Thanks! and thanks for coming!


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