Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just Stuff

Nothing too new or fabulous to report. I made some FAN-TAB-U-LOUS! brownies (homemade!!) last night that were great with ice cream and hot fudge. WAY YUMMY! The boys (all 3 of them!) enjoyed that little treat. Tim even e-mailed me this morning to ask me to save him some brownies. LOL! We'll see about that.....

The boys decided to "help" me take down the clothesline....I didn't really want it down and they didn't try to take it down so much as they were hanging off of it and the pole broke....IN THE GROUND. But, it was old and I hit my head on it and had to duck to hang stuff on it so I guess it isn't all bad. I'm gonna miss it, though. Tim thinks he'll fix it for me however I don't know when or if that'll happen...poor guy has a ton of projects, so I'm pretty sure this'll be at the bottom of the list....

Riley and I went to storytime (with TJ, too) this morning. We got a book called "Too Many Pumpkins." Trudy told us about it so I can't wait to read it...sounds like there are pumpkins up the wazoo for this lady that doesn't like them...cute kid story, anyway! While we were there, I talked to another mom. Her name is Kathy and she seems really nice. Her son, Tret, and Riley don't exactly get along so well....actually, I don't think Tret gets along so well with any of the kids very well...he kicked at Riley so Riley swung at him and Tret made a couple other boys cry today, too. Ah, boys. No damage to any of the kids, just a personality clash. Probably from not being used to playing together and being four. Anywho, while we were there, I was talking to a lady that we go to church with and she said that the Baptist church in town runs a "Joy Club" on Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 for kids 5 and up. They memorize bible verses, sing songs, stuff like that . She made it sound similar to Awanas where the kids get patches for learning their verses and finishing these book things. She offered to take Rugby with them. So, that'll be every Wednesday for the majority of school, I think. It'll be fun for Rugby to have something to look forward to. I'll talk to him about that tonight to see if he's interested.

Well, Riley is standing here with Elefun and wants me to play. Love, luck and lollipops for all.

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