Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just Mom and Rugby (and TJ, too)

Since TJ is still nursing he had to stay home and since Rugby had school he had to stay home. Tim and Riley took off this weekend for the old house. WE RENTED IT OUT!! YAY! Tim was there cleaning out the garage and I'll go next weekend to finish cleaning out the house and Tim will go back sometime after TJ's surgery to finish and the renters will move in sometime around the 15th of November.

Anywho, Rugby wasn't thrilled that Riley was going with dad and he was gonna be stuck home with I made sure that it was a special weekend for him and he hasn't thrown a fit yet that he had to stay home....Last night we went to the library and he got to play and pick out a couple movies and books. YAY! Big fun. Then, we went to Menomonie and we had supper at McD's.....he wanted BK til he remembered they didn't have a playplace and McD's did....more fun. Then we went to Wally-world. Looked through all the Halloween stuff. Rugby changed his mind about what he wants to be this year....instead of a witch he wants to be a ghost. So, we'll work on that this week. Riley wants to be a motorcycle rider, so that one is EASY! He's got a Harley overalls thing that Tim bought for Ryan...wayyyyy back when, and it fits Riley now so he's gonna wear that with a 'do rag and I'll try and get him some black shades, too. Still not sure if I'm gonna buy a costume for TJ. They had a cute horse one last night, but it was $10 and I just can't see that for only wearing it once (and not having any littler ones to pass it down to, either....) I'll post pix closer to Halloween. Anyway, after Walmart we went home and had movie night (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) with cheetos! YUM! This morning we had chocolate chip pancakes with apple juice for breakfast. Now Rugby has been coloring all kinds of pictures and even made a paper bottle and nuk for TJ. He also relinquished his favorite blanket. It's now TJ's blankie. We painted the one wall of the office that we hadn't finished yet, so when Tim gets home he can FINALLY finish that. The wall is Black Raspberry and very pretty! I almost wish that we'd have gone with a steely-gray color for the other 3 walls, but they're gonna have to stay the Marzipan color that they are. I'm hoping to have the Harley prints on the wall to surprise Timmy when he gets home.

Alright, I'm sure you're bored enough. LOL! Have a great weekend.

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  1. I guess you'll just have to have another little one to pass down TJ's halloween costume too....haha


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