Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm On!

WOOHOO! Tim got his laptop all set up and left it home, so I'm able to get online. We ended up not having room to take the desktop with us on the last trip, so this was my only option. DSL is a wonderful, wonderful creation! I was patient with the dial-up, but WOW! it was slow like a turtle. I'm enjoying being able to hit a couple sites and make a couple posts in 1/4 of the time that it would have taken on dial-up.

Last night Riley was a major sleepy head.....fell asleep at the table AGAIN! So, being that it was already 7 we left him sleep and Rugby and I took a walk (him on his scooter) up to his new school. While we were there we investigated the new playground that they just installed and it is GORGEOUS! Seriously, it's the nicest school or park playground I've seen. Rugby had a blast trying it all out. There's a rock wall and 4 or 5 slides, a bunch of climbing stuff, a telescope type thing, tether ball, basketball, hopscotch painted on the sidewalk, beautiful blacktop walking paths, swings. I'm sure that there's more stuff that I missed, but you get the idea, anyway. I'm thinking that we'll walk up there again today with Riley if it's not too warm and let them play for a while....but first I need to get to the grocery store....or concoct something from the stuff in the fridge and freezer (just the bottom of the fridge one). Should be interesting today.

Also, we have decided that all 4 bedrooms that we have are actually going to be bedrooms....Tim was going to use one as an office, but after 2 nights with the crib set up in our room it's WAY too small for that. So, tonight when TIm gets home we are going to finish laying the floor in Rugby's room and move him in there (which he's COMPLETELY excited for!!) and then move the baby into the little room that Rugby had been sleeping in.

Alrighty, I suppose that you've had enough of my rambling for one day. If we get to the school again, I'll try and remember the camera. More soon..........


  1. That will be so nice to be moved and settled. The school sounds awesome!! I am sure the kids will want to check it out when we come and visit!


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