Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Starry day and Strawberry nights

Ok, so that probably sounds weird, but it's true. Tim's sister, Sue, gave the boys Strawberry Wallflowers (air freshner with a night light), so we got Rugby's out last night....for his first night in his space room and he woke up this morning smelling like strawberries. It does smell really good, though and not overly strong, so that's nice. Then, this morning the boys and I hung up the glow-in-the-dark stars that Tim got him at the World's Longest Rummage Sale....they are 3D and hang from the ceiling and are TOTALLY COOL! Then, I got him some cool, but not that cool g-i-t-d stars at Walmart that are just 2D and we put those around the top part of the room and hung up the posters that Sarah from church gave him. His space room looks so COOL! Plus, the wallflowers thing is blue with stars, so it matches his room perfect, too! YAY! I'll post pix when I charge the camera batteries. (Why is it that cameras EAT batteries? Hmm, a question for another day, I suppose...)

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