Monday, June 26, 2006

VBS was so fun!

VBS was SO MUCH FUN! The kids (all of them!) had such a good time. It was so awesome to see everyone in costume and enjoying themselves. The census taker was the kids least favorite, but even that they enjoyed. He really got into his role and researched the times and was full of information for the kids and jokes. It was really a good time and the kids were able to get the kind of bible experience that they normally wouldn't ever have the chance to have. There were a bunch of shops: coin maker, mosaic, dye maker, toys, barnyard, grain mill, bakery, music, farmer's market, and perfume maker. There was also turns at the census taker and the village playground. Each one had things for the kids to do and learn. It was so neat to watch! I have some pix I'll post, but there are WAY more than I can post here.

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  1. I am glad VBS turned out so well, sorry we couldn't help out. Kudos on the baby, he looks great. Buffy had hers on the 19th of June if I didn't tell you that yet. And since I am checking out yours, you need to check out mine at



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