Thursday, June 22, 2006

VBS starts tomorrow!

It's going to be Friday night, Saturday all day, and Sunday after church. I've helped plan what's going on and I'm SO EXCITED about it! We're setting up a marketplace in the yard at church to look like Bethlehem when Mary and Joseph came for the census. Yup, Christmas! We've got so much stuff planned. I made the newspapers and magnets that the kids are gonna get, we've got mosiac tile boxes, flutes, perfume and some other crafts for the kids to do, they'll make rolls for a snack and eat food from the times like dates, figs, almonds, pomegranates, etc. Every lesson (there are 5), there will be a drama skit performed in the marketplace. It's gonna be woven into what's going on so that the kids never know when it's coming, but the leaders know the signals to get the kids to pay attention and it won't start til they're all ready. The kids are being put into "tribes" and will have bandanas with a symbol and color coordinated to their tribe so that it's easier to keep track of the kids. We were hoping to have 50 people signed up (kids and parents!!) and we are currently at 43, so that's super! Plus, we've got oodles of volunteers to help run the shops, make the food, etc. I'll try and remember my camera and post some pix on Monday.

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