Friday, May 05, 2006

We Made An Offer....

On a new house! It's in Boyceville, which is 10 miles from Colfax (where Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy live) and 20 minutes north of Menomonie. It's a tiny little town.....I think Gresham might actually be bigger! LOL! It's got a school and it's close to the house. The house is on a dead end street with older folks for neighbors, so that'd be nice...provided they like kids.....The back half of the yard is totally wooded, the kids are gonna love that! Tim's already talking about tree forts and clearing part of it to make a path for a sledding hill since it's also on a hill. It's a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with a huge basement that the kids can play in....they can actually keep that monster train table that Timmy built for them! Tim thinks that the basement is bigger than what they've got now, so part of it will (if I get my way) be partitioned off to make a storage room down there and keep the kids away from the furnace....since that's in the middle of the room. So, we made our offer which they counter-offered on last night and we countered that so now they have til Saturday to let us know what's next.....Cross your fingers and wish us luck!!


  1. Awesome.. it looks great. Best of luck with the offer!! Keep us posted!!

  2. Hey Congratulations!!! I hope everything goes thru. Looks like a nice place. Finally found the website again. Sounds like I have missed alot. Your 3yr packs quite a punch I see!!Wow. Just wanted to say HI to you and Tim!!! Maybe one of these days we will get to see all of you.
    Take care


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