Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No "Stranger Danger" here!

Yesterday after my dr appt (everything is super) we stopped at my mom's work so she could show off the kids...she LOVES it when we stop. We've been there a few times for various things, so it was nothing new. Riley went running out of her office the same time that Teresa came around the corner that she was heading in there, so she ASSUMED that he was running for her and picked him he punched her in the face! Cut her lip open in 2 places....can you imagine a 3 year old with that kind of power? Anyway, she wasn't upset, just surprised and she understood. I talked to Riley about it and explained that he should ask to be put down first and then if they don't (and it's a stranger) that it's alright, but hitting is not ok. ARGH! Anyway, we know what'd happen if a stranger got him now. LOL! Tim laughed and thought I handled it alright so.....ah, the joys of parenthood.

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