Wednesday, April 12, 2006

House hunting and other STUFF

Well, Timmy found a house that he fell in love with on Friday. It's a 3 bedroom on 3 1/2 acres with a creek and a bunch of trees. Tuesday he took Joel and I to see it and we both agreed that NO WAY. We'd have to majorly low-ball the offer and then it's going to be around another $40,000 to get it fixed up nicely, so we figure that we can find something else. I'm glad Joel was along to see it and give his, we continue to look.

I had physical therapy this morning. It was my 2nd session and it's been quite helpful. My muscles are too loose due to having too much relaxin, so I've got strengthening exersices and some other exersices to put things back where they belong. I get a belly support belt soon. They had to order one for me, so I'm excited about that. I had a couple different kinds on today to try them out for size and they felt SOOOOOOO good just the little bit that they were on, so it should be helpful to have one.

The boys spent the evening with my mom and brother tonight (Dad had a meeting) while I was at school. Jason took them for a ride on his motorcycle that Tim gave him and he got running again. The kids were in heaven. Outside AND on a moving object....doesn't get too much better than that! LOL! Oh, and my class still sucks. Can't wait til May!! I think the 10th is my last session of this class and it isn't coming soon enough. I have a public service announcement DVD to create. I think I'm going to use footage that I shot for the St. Paul Preschool promo video for a birth control message. LOL! I think that'll be easier than trying to get to school to borrow the video camera for another shooting session for another yet unknown topic. We also have to create a label for the DVD and cover for the packaging.....not AT ALL the original intention of the class. This guy is just a moron. Anywho, I should be getting to bed. More later. Nighty night!!

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