Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spring has SPRUNG!

And I couldn't be happier! The kids are enjoying some MUCH needed time outside. There's been cars to drive, pictures to color on the driveway, ropes to tie around each other and a playset that's sat useless all winter that the boys have had to initiate again. Not to mention BIKE RIDING! They've been having a blast and I like being able to get outta the house and tinker in the flower beds again. My crocus and daffodil's are coming and I think I'm seeing some other stuff that I planted last year....I just can't remember what I put in which spots! LOL! I've got some packing done in the house and am starting to work on cleaning out the yard....Timmy's got lots to help me with out there!

Tim got 99% of the soffit up and there's just a little bit that he needs to finish, so that's SUPER! He was supposed to be gone today to Menomonie looking at new houses, but he's actually working! And the best part is that it's LOCAL! Yesterday and today he's at Menards on the east side of Green Bay. Where and when he goes from here is anybody's guess, but it sure is nice to have him working local for once!

Well, I should go make lunch for the little monkey boys. More soon!


  1. Hey Jess... finally figured out my username so I can now leave comments for you. Hope everything is going well and the boys are playing some beautiful music for you. :)Hee Hee Hee

  2. LOL! Yea, beautiful music, Sue! Thanks for that. Wait til you have a batch of munchkins running around......glad you got the comment thing figured out, though!


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