Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Have I kept you waiting long enough??

Hee Hee!

Yesterday I had the ultrasound and my grandma came along to help corral the boys. THey were busy little critters, too! And my mom came during her lunch time, so that was nice that they got to come see. The boys ate cookie, fruit snacks and a whole thing of Tic Tacs...and that was before the 1st half hour!!!! They were awful busy boys!! The technician was really good about making sure they knew what was going on and letting them ask questions, so that was really nice. An hour is such a long time for them to be cooped up in a tiny little room and I thought that they did really good! Grandma took us out for chili and cheeseburgers at Kroll's afterward and that was REALLY YUMMY!

While we were at the doctor, my dad was busy trying to finish getting the dryer vented outside. It was a project that I knew Tim was avoiding, but didn't understand why.....until dad started! He was here one day last week and got it started, and then yesterday and is ALMOST done. It's really nice that I can dry clothes and not have it get to be 80 degrees in the house! Dad had to drill through the tile floor, re-route some plumbing in the basement, drill a hole in the side of the house and now he's got something to do with the soffit under the overhang (where it's vented). But, that's another project that's inches from completion. YAY!

Well, I should get going. Oh, and it's going to be another boy! Rugby was a little sad, but I think that he'll grow to love him just as much as he would've a little sister!

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  1. Given how cute and lovable Rugby and Riley are, I'm glad its going to be another boy!!! just need to come up with a name!!!


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