Friday, March 03, 2006

Lots to catch up on!

Well, Tim was supposed to be home this weekend so that we could take a trip to Menomonie and check out some homes and also an open house at UW-Stout. Well, he isn't going to be home in time to go, but we're planning a trip there hopefully next week as Tim thinks he'll have a week off. Here's one of the houses that we are planning to look at. I got more pix of the inside from a realtor and I fell in love. Hopefully it's as nice as the pix show!

The boys are doing well. Riley is my little helper during the days Rugby is at school....seems to be the only time that he can get without Rubgy interfering. We went to a rummage sale today and then to get flowers that Tim bought for me and he was such a great little boy.

Rubgy is doing well. He's busy with school. He wants a puppy and thinks that he'll get one when we move....I think getting a new baby will be about all I can handle at that point! LOL! He glued his eye shut the other day with some craft glue I had that was in an aerosol can. We flushed it out really well and put saline drops in it and it hasn't bothered him since, so I'm thinking he's alright. It's not even red around the eye like it was on Wednesday after he did it. He was helping me clean around the computer and found the can and at the same time that he asked what it was, he pushed the button and sprayed it. ARGH! But, I think we're doing better. He's also gotten into calling himself "Chef Rugby" and says that he wants to be a chef. He's gotten MUCH better about his choice of what he's making. No more weird, unedible sandwiches! YAY! He makes cereal and different kinds of sandwiches and lately is into making "picnics" in the living room....putting fruit in a bowl and setting it on a blanket that he's spread out. Sometimes he puts crackers or chips out, too, but usually it's the healthy foods.

School is going well. I am frustrated with one class, but I think it's mostly the fact that the instructor is new to teaching and doesn't really know what's going on yet. The other class is alright, just wish I had more time outside of class to work on the program. Still planning to get my certificate in May, so YAY ME!

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  1. I haven't visited your site for awhile - we've been superbusy at work lately. One hospital converted, only 11 more to go!! Next week may be a bit more interesting for our group. Anyway, it's nice to catch up on life in WI. The house looks really nice! I'm a little concerned about the size of the master bedroom though, sounds more like a closet. Maybe it's a typo. Only a couple more months until May so hang in there - it'll be here before you know it. Rach & I were just talking about how soon she'll be out of the dorms and back with her Cindy :) I'm excited!! We could have a baby any day, too. Russ' daughter, Jen, is pregnut, too. They're having a boy somewhere between now & March 30 - pretty big time span if you ask me...Anywho~~tell everyone hi, or I guess they can read for themselves. Loie

  2. I didn't like the sound of the size of the master bedroom, either....but there are 3 others and they're all bigger than that, so we'll have to wait and see how it all works out. Maybe the 7x10 one can be the playroom ;)

    Glad you could check in!


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