Friday, February 17, 2006

Widgets suck and so does the snow!

Been 2 weeks or better since my last update, and figure that I'm probably WAY over due. I reported last that I had built a Widget.....well, the 2 classes following that we added motion to them. Something went TERRIBLY wrong with my Widget and even my instructor couldn't figure it out...he tried for about 45 minutes during class Wednesday night. SOOOOOOO, I got it close enough and he finally said he'd accept it like it was, knowing that it wasn't my fault that it didn't work right.

Class Thursday night this week was cancelled due to the snow. I guess the final snowfall for our area was about 6", but Green Bay got more than that...some areas got up to 14". Everything was closed, schools were even delayed and cancelled on Friday because of it all! We had one snowdrift in the driveway that was waist deep on Rugby.....I've never been so happy to have a snowblower!! Now if I only had someone else here to use it! LOL.

The kids have been doing well. Rugby is sure enjoying school. We go to register him for Kindergarten on Tuesday. I can't believe that it's that time already! Riley is getting ready for the baby. He carries his teddy around like a baby and swaddles him, too. He tells me when teddy is crying and when he's naughty and even uses my old doll bed for teddy to sleep in...when teddy doesn't have to sleep in Riley's bed. LOL It's so cute and kind of exciting that he's that excited about the baby. Well, that's about all I have for tonight. Hasta Luego.

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