Saturday, March 11, 2006

House Hunting

Tim was home for this week, so we took the chance to get to Eau Claire and do a little house hunting. There were some houses that we'd seen on the internet, so we called a realtor and went to see.

The house that I loved the pix of was one with arched doorways and a covered porch. It was so cute from the pictures. When we got there, though it was a teeny tiny little place, but half a block from the school where Rugby would've gone. The yard was tiny...too tiny to even play in for the kids.

The next house was on Germania...It was a mess. I'm not talking that she left it go a few days....we're talking 50 YEARS of crap laying all over the place. There was a trap door to get to the basement. One of the rooms upstairs was caulked shut for some unknown reason. There was literally a 3 foor trail through the house so that you could walk. There was piles of stuff waist deep all over. The packaged food on the cupboards was piled from the countertop to the cupboards. I couldn't even tell you what color the countertop was. The washer and dryer were in the kitchen (which was HUGE), but there was piles and piles of clothes on top of them. YUCK! And it was on a busy street.

The next one we went to was Univeristy housing that we'd have boughten to use as a rental property. The kids that lived there were going to be having a party shortly after we got there, so they were upset that we were there and we didn't get to look around too much. I don't think that you'd ever get the incense smell out of that place, though.

The other house that we looked at was alright....except for the wavy kitchen floor. It was solid to walk on, but was having major issues.

We didn't have time to get to the house in Fairchild that was unfinished.

Our realtor was EXTREMELY honest with us and very helpful. He told us a few of the houses weren't worth what they were asking and what he thought they should be going for. He's looking for some more properties for us to look at next time we go out there.

In any case, it was a wonderful weekend alone with Tim. Terry, the realtor, used to own a couple of restaurants in the area, so he was able to tell us about a few places that had good food and the one place that we tried was AWESOME! It was cajun cuisine and yummy. Not usually my cup of tea, since I get heartburn so easy, but it was good and Tim really enjoys it so we went. It was called Stella Blues. Then we went to Coldstone for ice cream, spent the rest of the night in the hotel watching TV cuz we were both too full and tired to do anything else. LOL. The boys spent the day Friday with Joel and Angie and spent the night by Grandpa and Grandma B and they had a blast! Had to have.....Trudy needed to wash their clothes, so it must've been a good time.

Tim's back on the road tonight, also. On his was to North Platte, Nebraska for a 2 week reset of a Menards. The boys were less than thrilled that Daddy had to leave again so soon....they were getting pretty used to having him around again. Tim's got 95% of all the trim work done on the inside of the house, so we are that much closer to putting the house up for sale. I have some packing that needs to get done to make things "roomy" around here. I think I need to get a dumpster and just start pitching stuff in.

Alrighty, I should get going. More later.

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