Sunday, March 19, 2006

Just a couple more days!

Tuesday we are going to (hopefully) find out if the baby is a boy or girl! I'm so excited. It'll be nice to know to be able to get ready for him or her.

Tim has just this week left in Nebraska. He got to spend this weekend with his sister Sue in Denver. Sounds like he had a fun weekend with her. He went to school with her Saturday and called all jazzed up about the program that she was learning, he thought it was pretty cool.

Nothing new with the boys. Rugby got all dressed up in shirt and tie for church today because he wanted to be "fancy for Nancy". He just loves her! And Riley sat through his first day of Sunday School without sitting on my lap for it, so that was exciting, too. We were talking about the Woman at the Well and sampling different types of water. The kids all thought that that was pretty great.....especially once the chocolate milk came out! LOL!

Well, Chef Rugby is standing here that he wants to make supper, so I should get going. Hope all is well with you and I'll check in Tuesday night with baby news!!!!

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