Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Plesant surprise for a miserable mama!

Here's a picture from last night. The kids made a tent and were eating the popcorn that Uncle Jason sent home for them while they were under there.....OH MAN was there a mess when they were done, but they had fun! Riley really thought he was a cool dude all dressed up like that.

The last few days have been really rough. I have not felt well at all....any time I sat up, I might as well have gone straight to the bathroom. I've been living on flat coke, bananas, graham crackers and if I felt particularily good a few potatoe chips or Fritos....nothing else would stay down. Yesterday was a little better and this morning my little monkey's surprised me. They had been laying in my bed watching Sesame Street, but took off to the other room. They soon came back with a serving platter that had a bologna sandwich on it. They had taken their step out of the bathroom, used it to get the bologna out of the fridge, then moved the step to the cupboard and made the sandwich. What sweet little boys!! They came into the bedroom with it and said, "We made you a sandwich to eat in bed, Mom! With 2 pieces of bologna even!" It's stuff like that that reminds me why we had kids and makes this next pregnancy bearable.....two sweet little faces with hearts of gold. What mom could ask for anything more?

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  1. Jess this is so cool! I just got a new 'puter & it's just amazing all the things I was missing out on before. Oh, maybe I could get this, but there's other stuff I couldn't. Thanks for sharing the stories & the pix. Granny's foot looks awful - I hope it looks better than that by now. Glad to hear Tim is 'in mission'. They must have heard about his superior carpentry skills and saved this special job just for him. The stories about the kids are just fun! They grow up so fast, but Rach is doing well and I wouldn't turn the clock back either. Anyway, I'm going to bookmark this so I can check back from time to time. I might even have to help gramma with this one.

    Take care & tell everyone hi!


    Loie & all


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