Friday, January 06, 2006


ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am such a BOZO sometimes! So, I didn't realize that we could possibly need a refill on the propane already...our last fill was November 30th, so it was only a month ago. BUT, Tim was working out in the garage, so the modine must eat propane like the boys eat candy. So last night about 10:30 I was getting ready for bed and thought it was getting chilly in the house, went to check the thermostat and it was set at 68, but was about 64 in the house....cranked it up to 70 and nothing happened. OH CRAP! So, find the triceratops flashlight and traipse out to the propane tank and see it's on zero. DOUBLE CRAP! So, call and wake Tim up. Call Mid County and get a cell phone voice mail and leave a message. 10 minutes later, still haven't heard anything, Tim's called back worried and upset, call mid county over and over and over and over, try the main number back and try another department. This guy doesn't have any clue how to figure out which propane driver is on call, so I woke him up for nothing. Oh well, I don't feel bad. Just get the phone book out and look up the name of the regular when Tim calls back and is practically yelling at me to wake someone up or call the neighbors and haul one of their gas tanks for their stove over here to heat the house. So, I call the regular driver and wake up his wife, finally get him on the phone and he was able to finally round up the other driver. He calls at 10 after 11 that he'll be here in 45 minutes. So, he did manage to show up at 11:45 and fill the tank and relight the furnace and hot water heater. Send some cookies home with him and end up in bed around 12:30. So, this morning I woke up when I heard the bus driving past the house to pickup the neighbor girl, ok so I know that it's 7:45 and Rugby needs to be getting ready for school cuz we have to leave in 30 minutes to pick up Riley O for school and make it there on time. Make a sandwich for the kiddo and get him dressed. He ended up finishing the sandwich in the car on the way, but at least he got to eat. So then, Riley and I decided that we'd pickup donuts and go visit Grandma in the Woods, but we get there and SHE'S NOT HOME. Musta been getting her hair set or something. So, came home and Riley ate most of the donuts. It's only 9:30 and I NEED A NAP!


  1. Just passing through, but what in tarnation did your mom do to her leg? Yikes, that must have hurt.

  2. She fell in July and her achilles tendon started to seperate. She went thru quite a few docs before she found one that knew what the problem was. So she had surgery to reattach her achilles, but it was so far seperated that they needed to use donor material to have enough to reattach it. It is better now and she's only 5 days from getting her cast off, then it's months of rehab and therapy....maybe by March she'll be off the crutches. Thanks for stopping by!


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