Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Long time no post...

It's been awhile!! WOW! I guess now that mom is back to work she isn't pestering me so much to update. LOL! (Love ya, Mom!) My classes have resumed, I have 2 classes this semester and it's starting out pretty good. I GRADUATE IN MAY!! WOO HOO!!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be almost done!! I have to petition to graduate, but have some paperwork issue that I need to check on first, so that should be the only thing stopping me and I don't forsee it being a huge problem. Tim began his online class yesterday, so that should be interesting for him....lots of work involved, but it should be good for him to get back into the swing of things before he heads back full time.

Rugby is enjoying school just as much as ever. He's up to learning the letter "N"....each week they have a new letter that they learn about and he seems to be catching on. He can write his name and tie his shoes, so I think that he's doing pretty well. We register him for Kidnergarten on February 16th and I don't know that I'm ready for that, yet....it doesn't seem to be that he should be that old already. Though he's able to hold a pretty adult conversation for such a little man. He's so caring and sweet....really concerned about mom and brother and LOVES to make sandwiches. LOL! He's gotten a little better about his choice of fillings, so that makes it MUCH MUCH easier to actually eat his sandwiches.

Riley is my little wild man. He's got a black eye right now from falling out of bed Friday night and he's so proud to show it off. He's been playing with his teddy like it's the baby....making teddy sleep in the doll bed, wrapping the teddy in a blanket, and telling me different reasons why teddy is or isn't in his bed. He'll tell me Teddy was naughty or Teddy was crying, stuff like that. He's too cute. He loves to snuggle up to the baby and give my tummy hugs. Hopefully that will continue after the baby actually gets here!!

Not too much else going on. We are looking forward to Timmy getting home tomorrow evening so you won't hear from me again until at least Monday. Hope you all are doing well! Don't be afraid to leave a comment or drop an e-mail!

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  1. Hey, Jess -
    Your posts are so much fun to read and I just feel like not much is going on around here. Russ' birthday yesterday & I'm taking him to church tonight for supper...Pheasant, walleye, steak on the menu, right up his alley. Tony (his grandson) is wrestling this year. Went to his match last night & he got 1st. We're all pretty proud! Rach is doing well in college; seems to like the dorm better than home. They're on break this week and she's staying there & not here. Hmmph. She's quite the social butterfly these days. I have college kids for supper on Tuesday nights; last week it was 10 or 12, this past Tues only 8. That's still a lot for my house, but I love having them over. A great way to meet the kids she hangs out with. Funny how most of them are boys...I think they only come for dessert. I just work a lot. We have our first hospital conversion to our new Epic software on March 1 - lots & lots to do!! Maybe there's more going on here than I think. Congrats on almost being done with school!! I know what a GREAT feeling that is!!

    Take care & enjoy those sandwiches!


    Loie & all


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