Monday, December 05, 2005

Cookie Day!

Another cookie day is done and BOY OH BOY did we have fun!! We decorated sugar cookies, made peanut butter blossoms, corn flake wreaths, and peanut butter balls. We still had a little chocolate left from making the peanut butter balls so Linday ended up dipping a few pretzels sticks, too. We started about 10:30 and didn't finish until almost 4! It was a long day, but having Linday, Tanya, and Ryan here to make cookies was a ton of fun and I think that Rugby and Riley had as much fun as the rest of the crew. We made four batches of everything so that we all got some of everything, plus enough left to send a batch of everything to my mom since she is out of commission for the seasonal baking. (In fact today she thinks she gonna live on Chicken In A Biskit since no one is home to cook her something!) But it was all a good day. Now we are planning next years event.....still trying to talk them to coming over to our new house in Menomonie for cookie day, but we'll have to see about that............................

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  1. Just me.....Jessie's mom...I really do like Chicken n a Bisket though


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