Monday, December 12, 2005

Catch up!

Alrighty, so things have been super busy around here and mom is bugging me to post an update (Maybe I should teach HER how to do this! LOL!!) Anyway, it's been really nice having Timmy home. He's been keeping the boys busy letting them climb over everything he's got in the garage....don't know why we have a swingset when they have so much fun in there. HAHA! I was just in the garage and Tim made the boys a little picnic table and some building blocks with scrap lumber. It's so cute and the 3 of them are having a super time together. The boys are going to bring the blocks in later for me to paint them. Tim wants to bring the table in, too but I have enough to do cleaning out the existing cabinets before he brings the new ones in so the picnic table is gonna have to wait a bit.

Rugby has decided that the baby is in twins and he thinks they are girls. He's named them Sabrina and Savannah after the twin girls that are in his class at school. I've been sick for the past couple days and Tim tells them that the girls are fighting and that's why Mom is sick. They just take off running for their fort in the living room once they find out what I'm doing in the bathroom. They don't much like me being sick like that. I think that it kinda scares them.....seeing as how the only time I'm ever sick (like that) is when I'm preggers, neither of them has ever witnessed that before.

Well, my tummy is rumbly so I guess that I should go make supper so I can feed Sabrina and Savannah. More soon....hopefully!

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