Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another day down...

I had to post that before I forgot! I'm still surprised about the whole thing!!

Ok, Mom had her surgery this morning and things were a bigger mess than originally thought. I guess the surgery took longer than they thought it was going to. She did end up needing donor material, so she is spending the evening at good hands. She quit breathing a couple times while in recovery so they are keeping a close eye on her, but the anesthetic has always done weird stuff to her so she wasn't too surprised to hear that. In any case, we are glad to hear that things went well. Dr. McKenzie came and talked to dad after it was over and he said that everything is set the way that he wants it to be and she should recover well. Her cast goes to her knee. I talked to her tonight and she said that it's easier walking with a walker, so she's getting Grandma's to get around with. Nothing to do now but wait and see how we can help her recover.

The boys spent the majority of the day outside with their Daddy today. They got to do a little sledding which turned out to be more dangerous than Riley thought it was....he hit the rocks on the hill and has a little cut on the top of his head, nothing a little liquid band-aid couldn't fix! HAHA!

Ok, back to cleaning the house. I'm still trying to get Tim all moved back in and also get ready for COOKIE DAY! on Saturday.

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