Thursday, December 15, 2005

21 Staples

What a yucky day we had yesterday. It was snowing to beat the band and Granny needed a ride. She had an appointment to get her staples out and a new cast. So, snow coming down Tim, the boys, Granny and I headed to Green Bay. Tim thought that we'd be good entertainment if we went in the ditch...the preggo lady, the cripple lady and 2 little kids. HAHA!! But, we managed to make it to Green Bay and all in one piece, too!! We talked Tim into going to the yarn shop so Granny and I could get yarn and that was fun. Went to her doctor and got the staples out. Dr. McKenzie is SO nice. Very personable and willing to explain things. First doc I've seen wear a suit and still put a cast on someone....with his suit coat still on! Granny's got the season's most fashionable footwear...(I can't get the pix to post...ARGH!) I told her she needs to let Rugby practice writing his name on there! I don't know if I've got her talked into that yet or not. All in all, I think that she's doing better....must be, she had dad take her to town today Christmas shopping. I don't think that she's ready for the dancing shoes just yet, though.

This morning, Tim and the boys took me back to Green Bay for my doctor appointment. My first prenatal checkup. We were hoping to be able to hear the heartbeat, but at 9 weeks it's a little early to be able to hear it with their little ultrasonic thing so we had a little vaginal ultrasound done. The kids thought it was super cool to be able to see the baby on TV. We know that there's only one in there, too so the Sabrina and Savannah thing is going to have to hit the trail. Rugby's already saying that it's just Sabrina, then. I think that we'll have to wait and see on that one.

But, the boys had a visitor this afternoon. Danielle from next door came over to visit and sled with us. The kids were all having a super time. I love it that the 3 of them can play so nicely together without fighting!! I suppose that having 10 sleds here helps matters some, too. She found one of the new ones that we got about 2 weeks ago and she thought that one was better than the one that she had. I tried getting her to try the snowboard, but she just wasn't brave enough this time....maybe as winter passes. Rugby will try it, but it scares him....heck it scares me, too but if I can do it then I know the kids can, too! (Yes, I use the snowboard and occassionally I make it all the way down the hill!)

Tim has the new cabinets built for the back of the kitchen. Joel is coming in the morning to help install them and I can't wait!! I even get shelves to put my cookbooks very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He started staining them tonight and they look great, I can't wait to see them in and functional. So, I guess that's all. More another night. Hasta luego.

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