Sunday, November 27, 2005


So, here we are on Sunday morning and I find myself still not feeling up to par, but decide that I should crawl my sorry butt into the shower and go with hubby to take the kids to Sunday School. Good thing I did, too as the other 2 teachers didn't show up today and Tim would have had no idea what to do! (I'm sure that he'd have conjured up something super, though!) Anyway, we took a little drive after church to get me some crackers since this baby has started to misbehave now. Chat in the store with a friend we haven't seen in probably 5 years, so that was nice. Then, my darling hubby decides to stop at my mom and dad's house to drop off a Philly Eagles blanket to tease mother with and there is Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Dawn, Lindsay, Logan, and Jason and Holly were still home, too. I'm looking at these people completely bewildered and ask why I wasn't invited to the party. HAHA! They were there to surprise me with a birthday party and Tim was behind the whole thing. No wonder he didn't let me come along the other night when he went over there with pizza!! It was such a nice day. Uncle, Alyssa, Tanya and Ryan came, too. Such a sweet hubby.........I couldn't ask for anything more! He even had a cake made with a picture of the boys that I took with a little poem, "Happy Birthday to a mother of two....5 years ago, who knew?" I'll post a pic once mom sends me one. YAY! Another day of major brownie points for Timmy!!

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  1. Wow...sometimes my brother does surprise me... :) Hope you enjoyed your day!


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