Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Photo Updates!

YAY!! I got these photos to load! Now I guess that I should explain them!! The yucky foot is mom's wound that she's currently nursing. I went with her to the doctor so I got to see it. It was kinda cool!! Now, she's sporting the holiday's most fashionable footwear, as you can see. LOL!!

The two lovelies in the snow is my brother Jason and his girlfriend Holly. We had a photo shoot this past Sunday and it was COLD COLD COLD out there! We took about 30 pix in various locations and as long as we stayed out of the wind it wasn't too bad, but there are a few pix that the two of them look like frozen icicles!

The other one is of my 3 boys. The littlest ones are helping their daddy put new weather stripping on the back door and they were enjoying least Rugby and Riley were, I'm not so sure that Tim enjoyed them climbing on him. They love the tape measure and sunglasses and are usually after those when they climb him. They've been Timmy's little helpers lately while they were building my new's been a good thing for them all!

Well, "Sabrina" has been behaving pretty well long as I keep eating and have my morning banana. Tonight, though she's being a bit sassy. The graham crackers I'm nibbling seem to be helping some, though (Thanks for the idea, Aunt Sandy!) Well, I should get to bed, it's late and Rugby has school in the morning. More soon!

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