Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another day closer...

So here we are on Tuesday. It's grocery shopping day and I have class tonight, too. Such a life, so terribly predictable! But, Tim is finishing up in New York where he's been since February and he should be leaving there sometime today and home sometime tomorrow! Just in time for Turkey Day and my birthday! The kids are so excited about having Daddy home for more than a day or two.

Rugby is learning a TON of cool stuff in school. He's singing christmas songs now as they have their program on December 10th. I taught him to write his name and he's doing really well with that. He's been writing it completely backwards (letters and going from right to left) because, "I like it that way, Mom." Ok, honey but no one else can read it when you do that. So, hopefully he'll continue writing it left to right so ya'll can read what he's got to say....and trust me he's got plenty to say!

Riley is my baby with ants in his pants. Kid can't sit still for long. He's more happy jumping or being on his head (he likes to sit on my chair in the living room on his head with feet up in the air). He's such a bundle of energy. I guess that's good, but can be trying on my nerves. Very strong willed....like his daddy :) He's working on finishing potty training. Still having a hard time getting him to interrupt what he's doing to go, but that'll happen in time. I need to practice my patience.

The new baby is behaving, so far. I haven't been sick yet so I think that's a good sign. Only 241 days to go!

My class is going alright. Other than my instructor being stupid. I have a few issues with him, but keep muddling along....class is over on December 13th! Then hopefully I'll be able to take the 2 classes that I have left next semester and be able to graduate in Spring!! It'd be so nice to have that done before baby gets here and we move. More later.........

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  1. I think I figured out this comment thing. Glad to hear that Tim will be done and home for Thanksgiving!!


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