Tuesday, November 22, 2005

First Day!

Ok, so here's the first day of my own blog. Who'da thunk it?! LOL. So anyway, here's the boys all dressed up in their Christmas outfits....they are already ready for the big day. Rugby keeps carrying around a picture of himself in front of the christmas tree and thinks that everyone needs to see it. Kids are too funny!


  1. I'm excited that you are doing this...maybe someday it will give me the motivation to do so too!!!

    By the way, I just LOVE that picture of Rugby and Riley. I wish I could get you to take some pictures of little Claire!

  2. Who would have thought that boys can be cute too? Next thing you know he will be carrying a picture of himself in his wallet...

  3. Great Job. Haven't seen the boys in a millennia. I'll need to stop by soon.

    I've set up a blog because I inherited an entertainment site. So I created a little blog to make it easier.
    Check out www.porkchopsandwiches.biz if you have time. It updates daily.

    Happy Thanks Giving Mr. and Mrs. Bosman


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