Saturday, March 09, 2013


I am in the mood to clean and organize things.  Usually this means that I throw away a ton of stuff.  I'm embarrassed to say that yesterday I threw away 1-55 gallon construction bag FULL of crap that was laying around my bedroom AS WELL AS 2 kitchen garbage bags FULL to bursting.  All of it from our room.  It makes me so happy to walk in that room now.  I have a ginormous box full of papers that I need to sort and file, but for the most part, it's clean and wonderful.  Hubby asked me a couple days ago to change the sheets because he's getting to warm with the fleece ones, so I put the microfiber ones on for him.  And it's so peaceful to sleep in there now.

Today, I was trying to menu plan at my desk (also in the bedroom) and the shelf was a disaster.  So, I saw a pin that I could duplicate easily that I liked, whipped that up and organized just the one shelf, but it made a HUGE difference.   So, here's the mess I started with...
Added this SIMPLE TO DIY beauty....
 Put away things where they belong (GASP! Oh, the horror!) and was left with this....

It just makes me happy to look at.  My markers are in one, pens in one and pencils in another.  My note paper is there on the left side of the shelf and the pretty mosaic candle holder has a cinnamon bun scented Apple Creek candle in it that I just left open and it still scents the area :) 

So, that's my one organizing project for the day.  Have you done yours yet?  I'd love to hear about it so leave me a comment (an a link if you have one!).  Have a great weekend!

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  1. It feels so good doesn't it?!

    I am slowly going through the house, as I see things i no longer need, I'm putting them in boxes or bags (donation or trash) and when the kids go on Spring break (after Easter) and go to my parents that is when I will REALLY get at it- whole house attic down!


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