Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Spring is springing!!

We are just 17 days from Spring and with temperatures expected to hit 36 today with SUNSHINE, glorious SUNSHINE today, it even FEELS like Spring. It gets me itchy to play in the garden (never mind that I can't even see my garden under the snow, yet!) and plant some seeds and play in the flowers. I'm SO EXCITED!! I even bought most of my seeds already! I say most because I usually buy tomatoes already started...but they're so darn expensive when you think about plant started costs as much as a whole packet of seeds! But, I also hate buying all those little pots. Today, I came across a SUPER idea, so this year I will be starting my own tomatoes inside and some other veggies, too! I thought I'd share, and hope that it helps some of you, too!


  1. do you know that just yesterday i came oh so close to buying those itty bitty pots to start seeds?
    lucky for me i didn't!!!
    i wanting to do that wheat germ (?) grass for easter besides the flower seeds.
    thanks for this thrifty tip & stopping by.

    girl - you are busy! you have lots of blogs!

  2. Thanks for posting that.Great idea!



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