Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nothing like keeping you hanging...

Sorry about that. I looked at the blog this morning and realized that I hadn't told you about Riley (and TJ's) first days at school. Facebook gets all the news lately and the poor old blog misses out.

Sunday night, Riley had a really hard time going to bed. Tim stayed down in his room and talked to him for a LONG time. He seemed to feel better after their chat and got up and ready Monday with NO issues at all. Mean mommy that I am, I sent him to school on the bus. His buddy Derrick from the bus goes to the same school and is now in his class, so he had someone to go with. Monday night, he got off the bus and said, "I guess that wasn't so bad afterall, Mom!" WOOHOO!! I asked if he made a friend and he told me ALL the boys in his class were his friends! (All 6 of them!) Tuesday and Wednesday he came home and told me that it was a better day than the day before, so it keeps getting better for him! Rugby is even happy because Riley's "Army" doesn't chase him at recess anymore.

TJ's first day, Tuesday, was good, too! We went in, showed him where his hook was for his coat and backpack. Then he grabbed his teachers hand and went into his class and never looked back. He got off the bus SMILING and talking about fun at school. We have some work to do on proper behavior on the bus, but so far, so good!!

Tim and I were talking last night about next year and meeting the fourth grade teachers at both schools before making a decision for Rugby. But, going by Riley's experience so far, it's possible he'll be making the switch, too. And if Tucker gets into the 3 year old program, I'll have all four kids in school. Wow.

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  1. So glad that things are going better and that he is happier. That make a world of difference. Those little ones always surprise you don't they. I have been wondering how Zander will do next year in preschool but you just never know.


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