Friday, January 15, 2010


It's Friday again and time to post the Monday Challenge project. This was much easier for me to do! I already had it kind of started thanks to my SIL, Sue, who made the awesome corkboard/whiteboard/magnetic workboard thing that I have by my computer.

Our challenge was to put together a motivation board. Be it the fridge or posterboard or a white board or even a closet door. Something, ANYTHING! So, since Sue so kindly gave me this board before Christmas, I thought I'd use that. It sits RIGHT next to my computer so I see it often throughout the day and it's a good reminder of why I'm getting up early to work out.

Here it is:

One of the circles has short term "I CAN..." goals on it. Simple things like "choose smaller portions" and "take a walk". The calendar my eight year old made me for Christmas and has his drawings for each month of the year. I use this for keeping track of what day I'm on for the 30 Day Shred and I have marked the dates to start my training for the 10K I want to do this fall.

The other circle has goals for the year on it. I also have my training schedules hanging there as a CONSTANT reminder that I will work on them. I need to see them to remember to do them so they don't get lost in a pile of paperwork somewhere. I also have a favorite little quote on there to keep me motivated. It says, "A DREAM is just a dream. A GOAL is a dream with a plan and a deadline. -Harvey Mackay"
And, there's room for me to add to it as I see things....maybe I'll print some pix from my two 5K's from last summer as a reminder, too!


  1. great job :) i like that not all of your goals are fitness related. its easy when focusing on bettering yourself to get caught up on just one aspect.

  2. Good job and I concur on the non fitness goals! Balance is key!

  3. Great job and wonderful goals! I loved that you've added non-fitness goals as well!

  4. Great job with the goals jess.You are motivationg me to do things.Thanks!!!

  5. Jess- It looks great. I haven't even started mine yet. =) I like your "I can" and goals. I love the calendar. You gave me some ideas. Glad you are still shredding. Keep it up.

  6. read one non-fiction book per month?


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