Monday, November 02, 2009

A new week

The bake sale this weekend was a success. We had a few things leftover and they were going to be sold at another event near here, but the lady that I was supposed to get the stuff to never called me back, so I sold it to family at Grandpa's birthday party. I had 3 whole cakes leftover and sold at least one of them to the Cubmaster last night when her son came to get the money and leftover plates/forks/napkins. The families that baked for the bake sale earned money to help send the kids to camp this summer. Rugby and Riley are going to be able to go to resident camp and to a day camp! They are so excited (and so am I!!)!!

Saturday night, we hit the streets to trick or treat. For the first time in 8 years, I DO NOT have a picture of the kids. Don't know what I was thinking, but I never took one. My neighbor and my grandma did get one, though so if either of them give me a copy, I'll scan it and post. Rugby was Harry Potter, Riley was Luke Skywalker, TJ was Clifford and Tucker was Tigger.....and I was tired. (I wore my bathrobe, slippers and jammies, put on a facial mask and off we went!)

Sunday we had a birthday party for my grandpa (mom's dad). He's going to be 80 on Wednesday and on Saturday, my grandma (dad's mom) will be 80. They are having a party for her at her church Sunday, but it's in South Dakota, so we aren't able to be there. I'm sure my mom will have pictures when she gets back, though!

And Sunday night, I skunked Tim in cribbage. It was a good night!

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  1. We're sorry you guys won't be able to be here over the weekend, you'll all be missed. Maybe we'll be able to send some cake home with your folks!?
    Gary & Sandy


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