Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still here...

Yes, we're still here and still alive. We had our first snowfall yesterday and we've seen unseasonably cold temperatures since the last week of September. If this is any indication of the winter we are going to have, I'm moving to Florida or Cali or somewhere else a bit warmer! Though the kids like it, so maybe I'll be moving alone. Hmm.....YEA RIGHT! Like that would happen. I was really hoping I'd have won the Arizona trip that the Pioneer Woman was giving away, but alas, it was not my name she drew. SO SAD!!

Anyway, we've been staying busy with homework and Cub Scouts. (Call or e-mail me if you want some POPCORN!!) R&R are BOTH enjoying Scouting, so that's a great thing. We're just easing in and starting to get involved, but Rugby is on his way to making some friends and that's helpful. Riley....well, Riley is just like his dad. He makes friends so easily and is very outgoing. He's a natural leader which is working out alright so far. One of his best buddies from school is in scouts, also and I know the parents from way back in my Dairy Cove days, so that's a bonus, too.

Other than that, I've been trying to keep up to the house and the kids and starting to make some Christmas presents. I've got 2 of my 4 nieces about half done, the 3rd niece I know what I'm doing and just have to do it and the 4th niece...well, I really have no clue for her yet. Or her brother. I've also got a super dandy project for the Sisters Gift this year. I have to make 6 of them, so I bought material for 8 so that Rugby's Fairy-godmother and my SIL, Holly can get one, too. I'd love to share, but think I'll try and keep it a secret. Unless they turn out just too awesome not to share :)

That's all for now, time to get kids to naps and pay some bills. Fun. BLAH!

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  1. I love updates! :) Good to hear all is well!



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