Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catching up...

It's been a bit since I've last posted and for that I apologize. For some reason, life with four boys is a bit crazy and I haven't had the time to do the blogging thing. There are some exciting changes coming for my blog, so wait and see what I'm working on!! In the meantime, here's what
we've been doing:

September 1st, Rugby and Riley started their new school. I never did post the first day of school pic that I usually take, so here it is!Then, September 12th, Tim's dad wanted to take the boys to Dozer Day in Sussex. Tim's sister Sue was going to go along, but ended up having to work, so I went. It was fun. I think grandpa had just as much or more fun than the boys looking at all the VERY LARGE equipment. It was pretty cool to see how large some of the machines are. Here's a few of the pix I took that day...

September 19th, our little Riley Bird turned 7! Where have those 7 years gone? I don't think he should be that old already!! He wanted a fish cake, so we did a little fishy party theme. I had planned to decorate the house with fishing stuff, but didn't give myself enough time to finish the cake, let alone decorate. It was a crazy day...probably shouldn't have planned to do the 5K run in the morning, but everything worked out fine without a decorated house, so I can't complain. Riley loved the cake. Ok, everyone loved the cake, but I think if I'd have allowed more time it would have been better. I have the pan, so I may have to try another one sometime. Tim made me a cake board to put it on that looked like the board he uses to clean fish on. It really was pretty cool! (I tried taking a picture of the fish cookies I sent to school, but they were all blurry. Sorry!)
Um, that's really about it besides the normal stuff. Kids are busy with school and doing really well. More on that soon, hopefully. Have a great rest of your weekend!!

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  1. Such neat pictures!! Looks like Grandpa was having as much fun as the boys did at Dozer Days!! Love the fish cake! You are such an awesome mom!!!


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