Monday, August 17, 2009


So I FINALLY got MY computer back online. The new ISP didn't recognize the old modem we had from our other service, so we had to hook up using their modem....only my computer didn't have the port that it needed to be able to plug the cord into so I was offline for a while. That wasn't so bad because Tim was home and I could use his laptop (which connects on the wireless router)...then he left yesterday morning to go back to work and it lit a fire under my butt to get it figured out. Ran to town and they didn't have the cable that I was looking for, but they had an adapter thing that you plug into a USB port and now my desktop is! I think that's so funny because it's not as portable as I think of wireless. Anyway, I got it figured out.

We finished the painting in the living/dining room. I still need to finish the kitchen and back entry, but it's to the point where it can wait for me. We have the living room kind of settled. Once I figure out the issue with my camera, I'll post pictures. We situated the furniture a little differently and it's so cozy and feels like home. I love it!!

Well, I should go get ready to face the day. Hope all is well out there, I'll try catching up on my reading and posting soon! Have a great day!!


  1. I only understood about half of what you said but I understand the idea--ain't technology great. Glad you guys are getting settled in at "home" and I bet your folks are REALLY glad!

  2. Hey Jess, tried to email you yesterday but it came back undelivered, do you have a new one?



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