Sunday, August 30, 2009

Margie the gardener

Today I bought 6 fruit trees (they were buy 2, get one free). I got a Honeycrisp Apple, Braeburn Apple, Red Haven Peach, Montmorency Cherry, Clapp Pear and a Bartlett Pear. We are EVENTUALLY going to be practically swimming in fruit and I can't wait. So, I am out digging and digging and digging to plant these beautiful trees. So far, I have 2 of them in. I keep hitting REALLY BIG rocks. Pretty sure I'm going to have to get some black dirt for fill to have them planted at the right level. We'll see how it goes for the rest.

I'm still waiting on the library to know my official time for the 5K, so I'll be posting about that soon. I'm off to plant my trees!!

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  1. Planning on living there for awhile? Not that we would mind!!


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