Sunday, June 28, 2009


I want to lose some weight. I am too jiggly in the middle for me....that's really the area I struggle with the most. I know that I need to work out more and put in the time and exercise to do it. I know that. But, I also know that I need to eat better so there's less fat going IN for my body to hang on to.

I went on library overload tonight. Our library system is online so I can search books in all the libraries in our "system" that can be shipped to our local library. I ordered 15 books on health and healthy eating. I need recipes. I get SO bored with food and rarely make the same thing twice. I want simple, QUICK recipes that everyone...even the kids...will like. I hate the thought of making something special for me because I refuse to make something special for any of the kids when they are being fussy eaters. So, I'm stuck. Yesterday I did really well eating small things more often. I had cottage cheese with half a peach for an AM snack and cottage cheese with half a nectarine for a PM snack, and whatever meals I made for the kids, only small portions. I stayed full and it was awesome.

Today, Auntie Flow arrived and I have a major craving for chocolate that the mint chocolate baking pieces didn't cure. I'm trying really hard not to hit the tootsie rolls because I know that's not what I really want. Water isn't helping.

I want to lose the weight permanently and I'm trying really hard to change the way we eat and live. I've already made walking and running (cardio) a priority. Now, I need to make the food change...then I'll tackle the resistive training/weights. Baby steps, baby steps...

I'd love any recipes you have to offer, too!!

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  1. I give you so much credit Jess! You looked so good the last time we saw you. If there is anything that we can do to help just let us know. Keep it up!


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