Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pickle Fest

Every August, our little town has a celebration called "Cucumber Festival". Apparently, Gedney Pickle Company used to call our town "home" and the town celebrates this every year, even though there is no longer a pickle factory here. One of the festivities for the Cucumber Festival is the PICKLE FEST FUN RUN. There's a 1 mile run/walk, 5K and 10K. And it's a fundraiser for the library. Entry is only $12 and that includes a t-shirt. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

So, I was running, training, to run the 5K this year. I have a friend that is going to do it with me. I was really excited about it because it was gonna be the first 5K I've done and I was going to follow it up with another one later in the fall with Tim's sisters...until Sunday.

I went for a run Friday night and it was great...nothing happened just a normal run/walk spanning 2 miles on my usual path through town. Then on Sunday, my knee started to feel odd, didn't think anything of it. Monday it was a bit swollen so I iced it. Tuesday morning, I woke up and it felt great! So I went for a, bad idea. It felt great through the run, but had much more swelling after. So, I iced it all day off and on as I could (with 5 kids here). Wednesday, it's been getting more and more bothersome. It really doesn't hurt, but it feels weak, I can't bend to squat (like to pull weeds, etc) and I can't straighten it all the way out. Biking feels ok and walking is alright. So I call the dr and she's out of the office. Talk to the nurse advice line and she said take ibuprofen ever 6 hours and keep icing. And that usually if it's not better in 72 hours I should be seen. Well, since it was 72 hours already when I talked to her, we set up an appointment for Friday. (I have shopping plans today...priorities, I'm telling you!) So, I talked to my friend Kathy who went to school for Excersice Physiology. She thought it sounded like something with the meniscus. So, I get home and consult Dr. Google....who tells me I have a torn meniscus. (That's the cartilidge in your knee...that which does not heal itself.) So, with the appointment Friday I am fearing I have a surgery in my future. Please pray that it's not a torn meniscus and that it's something easier handled than that...I'd take a pulled ligament or something over surgery!

And I really hope this doesn't put a damper on my running plans. I was just starting to like it!

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