Monday, May 11, 2009

Riley's Mother's Day Card

I had a super weekend back "home" with family. It was so nice to be able to spend some time there again. I wish it were longer! But, I am thankful for the little bits I get here and there. When I got home, R&R and Tim were ready and waiting for me! Rugby made a cute card in school with a flower magnet that has his picture in it. SO CUTE!! And he also made a card at home. He's such a sentimental little thing! The card said "For my love for you, for your love for me." and a bunch of little phrases like "Ya!" "Wow!" "Yippie!" "Super" all over it.

The cards the kids made in school have open ended statements on them and the kids had to fill them in. Sometimes I'm a little scared by what they write. Sometimes it's just too cute to be insulted. Here's their cards:


My favorite thing about you help me in hard times.

My favorite time with you walmart.

Thanks me pokemon cards.


She is ....64......years old and weighs .........10......pounds.

Her favorite food is..........ledis (lettuce).

Her favorite color is

Mom's favorite TV show is ..........nun (none) {He said to me, "Cuz you know that we can't watch TV, Mom."}

I think Mom looks funny when she ...........acks (acts) like she has one eye. {When did I do this??}

I know she is angry when she mad.

My favorite thing to do with MOm is ..........have a bike ride.

When she is alone she likes to ............go soping (shopping)

My Mom's favorite place to go is ............wallmart

The BEST thing about my Mom is ..........she ckoocks (cooks) for me

The best thing I could give my Mom is ........flowrs. {Maybe his daddy should take advice from!}

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  1. Heath did one of these too, I loved it. If he had $100 he would buy me a new kitchen. :)
    Boy could I use one of those!!!

    Miss you!
    Kris P.


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