Monday, April 06, 2009

Quick rundown

I only have a second or two before the kids get up. I'll post more later.

We got a call Friday night that we were going to have a showing on Saturday afternoon. We promised the kids they could wrestle in Cumberland so we stuck to that, but I ended up taking Tucker with me and R&R so Tim and JoJo could work at the house. We were mostly ready. I was up til 12:30 Friday night cleaning, knowing that I wouldn't be around much Saturday. I did end up having a good hour before we had to leave. Still waiting to hear from the realtor.

Wrestling: Riley took 3rd and Rugby took 4th. Riley pinned his first kid, then lost the last two and Rugby lost all 3, but both of them had fun so that was the main thing.

Sunday the wrestling club bought pizza and games at Action City. They had OODLES of fun! Games were from 2-4 and then pizza party afterward. We managed a quick trip into JoAnn's Fabrics to look for fabric for my dining room chairs but I couldn't pay $30/yd for what I really liked. Ugh. Keep looking. They were closing so we really rushed through, maybe if I had more time to just look I'd find something so I'll probably go back just don't know when.

Today it's grocery shopping and laundry folding. Fun! More later!

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