Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Couple of projects

Remember a while back I told you I was working on some projects but didn't post the pix? Well, that was partially true. I couldn't post the pix because they were a surprise and at that point I wasn't done with them. So, I am done with them and the Fernhaber Cuties have their surprises, so now I can post the pictures!! Claire loved the crayon roll I made for my cousin Cari's daughter, Brit, so I made one for her that holds 16 crayons. I happened to have a pack of construction paper crayons, so that's what she got.

And if Claire has one, Ava should have one, too! And so she does.....

And we can't forget the sweet new baby Valerie. Though she's too little for a crayon roll, I couldn't send the other girls pretties without sending her something too so I whipped up this sweet diaper clutch for her mommy. This way, Steph can throw a diaper and wipes in her purse and they are at the ready!

The pattern I used could use some tweaking....you can't fit two size 4 diapers in it and have it stay closed, for instance. But, I will work on that because I can totally see making more of these to have on hand as gifts. The crayon rolls are awesome, though there is always one crayon pocket that ends up tiny but still usable so I should tweak that a bit, too. In any case, these are three of my latest projects. I did make a space apron for Rugby to cook with me over the weekend, but didn't get pix taken of that yet, either. He even helped make it and asked for added pockets, so we dealt with that, too. Fun stuff!!!

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