Thursday, March 05, 2009

What did TJ do?

Can you guess?

We were having Sheperd's Pie for dinner over the weekend and Tim set the table, complete with Habanero Tobasco. TJ sat at the table, waiting not so patiently.....and decided to try it. I don't think he liked it....what do you think?!
He drank milk and ate celery to calm the hot, but pointed to his chest and said "Owie" for a while. I doubt he'll do that again....for a while, anyway.

So, Timmy, ever the frugal one didn't want to waste all that hot sauce. HE USED IT ALL on his plate of sheperd's pie! That's stuff that you normally use BY THE DROP, but he used it all. He told me supper was good, but I don't think he could taste it and was doing that for R&R's benefit (to teach them to appreciate dinner and always say thank you to me for making it). I asked him later if he could even taste it and he said not really. I don't think he'll do that again for a while, either!


  1. Oh poor TJ!Tim is like Rick with hot stuff.I swear Rick has no taste buds left since he eats so much Serano canned peppers and Dave's Insanity hot sauce on everything!Oh I wonder if TJ got heart burn and was saying his chest was hurting?I bet.Naw I don't think he will do it any time soon again or ever...

  2. That was my comment.I put my name and it did not show up!

  3. Poor baby! Don't you know that Franks Red Hot Sauce is the best. LOL. My son eats it on everything. He won't eat most meat without it.


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