Friday, March 06, 2009

Say a little prayer

At this very moment, my father is having surgery....while he's in SC for work. Last night he was in a lot of pain, went to the hospital where they said "It's appendicitis, here's some drugs, we'll see you at 6am(central)!" So, say a little prayer for him and for my mother who is about ready to hijack a plane to get there and see him. I doubt she slept at all last night and when I talked to her this morning was getting ready for work.

Thanks, all!

**9:51 am: I got tired of waiting for a phonecall, so I called the hospital. I talked to his nurse and he's out of surgery, doing fine, but wasn't back to his room yet. Sounds like he might be back to work already on Monday. WOWZA!


  1. Sure will.Glad he is doing so good so quick.Keep us updated please.I feel for your Mom that must be so hard for her not to be by his side.

  2. Bet you were all on pins & needles. He's a tough old fart though, just so they can keep him on light duty for a little while?!


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