Tuesday, March 24, 2009

R&R The Wrestlers...

This morning I had the following e-mail from my dad:

You said ask if you didn't post pics, so here I am begging. PLEASE

So, here it is:

Saturday was our local wrestling tournament. We don't go to many tournaments a year, so the kids were SUPER excited about this one. It's about 1/2 mile from home so that's always nice! I worked the concession stand for an hour and while I was working, Rugby AND Riley wrestled their first matches. They have the concession stand schedule so full that you are able to go watch your kid and come back without being under staffed. SO NICE!! So, Rugby got pinned right away. He just didn't seem that into it. Riley I missed part of, but he lost, too. So, I went back to the concession stand and I peeked out to see TJ running across the mats...in the middle of wrestling. ARGH!! So, I run and scoop him up and bring him to concessions with me and have no clue where Tim and the other two are. So, shortly after that, my time was up so I went back to the kids....and Tim was having a hard time wrangling babies. They were just all over the place, so he opted to go home with them and I stayed with R&R for the rest of the tourney. Riley pinned the next guy he wrestled and got pinned on his last match.

Rugby wrestled a girl his next round and lost to her, BUT she won the bracket...she was TOUGH! Wow. Even the coaches said it would have been hard to beat her. So, the next round he had a bye (yay!). Then, while we had some down time, I chatted with R&R a bit about being aggressive and doing their best, etc. Showed them some things that they were doing almost right, but one little tweak would make things better and easier for them. Rugby's next match....HE PINNED THE GUY!! It was awesome. He was so excited from there out. His eyes lit up and he was so happy! (I cried a little!) Of course, I had turned the camera off 15 seconds before it happened. UGH! But, anyway....the next kid he wrestled was a team-mate. The kid is tough and knows a lot about wrestling....he's one of those that was raised with a dad who wrestled, so it's easier to learn when you have someone right there that knows and is able to help you....anyway, this kid had Rugby beat before they even stepped on the mat. And Rugby just came off his awesome pin, so he was confident and it was a great match. Rugby ended up winning by points, but he fought hard for every one of his 13 points! I was so proud of BOTH the boys. The did a great job and both of them ended up with third place! YAY!!
(I tried to load the video of Rugby, but Blogger isn't cooperating today. Sorry!)


  1. OMG, they look so cute in those uniforms!!

  2. They are so cute! CONGRATS to both boys for getting 3rd place! That's a huge accomplishment!
    Hugs~ Kim

  3. Congrats to both boys! Third place is awesome!


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