Friday, March 27, 2009


We are trying to sell our home. I've been working really hard around here to clean and make things pretty. I've pretty much deep cleaned the house...really only didn't clean under the sinks and the laundry room (but I made that pretty!) So, we've been having a little problem with flies. Not big black house flies, but little flies that are a touch bigger than fruit flies. CAN. NOT. FIND. THE. CAUSE. UGH!! It's been driving me insane. I've cleaned everywhere, we don't have food laying around rotting, I'd have found that.

So, today I get the brilliant idea that since I'm making most of my cleaning supplies, I no longer need to keep the 2 bottles of soft scrub and 3 cans of carpet cleaner (the carpet got pulled out, too), and the other million bottles of cleaners that are partially mine and partially from the lady that lived here before us. I pulled out one sliding rack and there was some ick on a couple of the bottles....and ALL KINDS of nasty ick on the bottom of the cabinet... and all kinds of nasty ick on the pipe on that side of the sink....and more of those pesty flies. BINGO! Found the problem. My kitchen sink has a leaky drain pipe. GROSS GROSS GROSS!! I partially clean up and call Tim. At least now he knows that there's a leak that he'll have to fix. I started cleaning up, but I was gagging so bad I almost threw up. It doesn't stink, THANK GOODNESS! But, it's slimy and icky and with the flies all over it. ICKY!! Anyway, I got it all cleaned up and was gonna stick a paper towel in the hole to block the flies....the pipe is paper thin and my finger goes right through it. Lovely. Guess what we're doing in the morning? Ugh.

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  1. Eeewww! That doesn't sounds like fun at all! I give you TONS of credit because I don't think there is anyway that I would have been able to clean it up! I have a very weak stomach!!
    Hugs~ Kim


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