Sunday, January 25, 2009

For My Daddy

My Dad left last week for South Carolina. He's got another week to be there. And now that his company gave him a laptop, he can check in on us through the blog....but my mother (who almost never updates her blog) has updated more than I have this last week! Oopsie! I think I get a free card since I have four kids to chase, but that's another story for another day.

Since I last left you, I've had a job interview and Tucker had an appointment to see the ENT. The interview went really well and I thought I'd have found out news on that this past week, but I didn't. When we were putting coats on after we left the ENT, we bumped into the lady that did my interview and they haven't made a decision yet, so that was super. At least (as of Thursday) I wasn't out of the running yet! I hope they call either way. I hate the not knowing.

That bring me to the ENT. Tucker has had ear infections and/or fluid in his ears since about August. We've tried all kinds of anitbiotics. We've tried taking away dairy. We tried an oral allergy medication. Nothing has made a difference. So, I didn't have high hopes for the ear doc. Turns out Tucker has SIGNIFICANT hearing loss. The fluid in his ear isn't watery, it's thick like mucus. (Pretty picture, hey?!) So, Tuesday he is getting ear tubes. YAY! I know that it's surgery and all, but after all we've been through in the last 5 months, I am so looking forward to not seeing doctors every three to four weeks! Not giving meds every. single. day. only to lather, rinse and repeat. So, if you are keeping track TJ had tubes Jan 8, 08. Rugby had tubes Jan 24, 08 and now Tuck gets tubes Jan 27, 09....BTW, the 24th is my dad's birthday and the 27th is my mom's birthday. Strange how that works out. Riley was supposed to see an ENT last winter because he had fluid that wouldn't clear from an ear infection last fall, but by the time we got in to see the ENT it was July so it was cleared. We are on a close watch with him. And the ENT said if one round of meds doesn't clear it, he'll get tubes too because of the family history. (That was the story he told me in July, anyway....) So, anyway. That's that. I'll leave you with some pictures for now. Have a good rest of the day/weekend! The kids are off school tomorrow and I want to do some Chinese New Year crafts with them, so I should (HOPEFULLY!) have more pictures to post tomorrow!

"Nom, nom! I love Mom's homemade yogurt!" -Tucker

Rugby and TJ enjoying the movie room.

Riley and TJ horsing around this morning. They LOVE to wrestle! (speaking of which, practice will be starting in February!!)

Riley and the "Marvelous Me Bear" from school. Each student got to take the bear home for one night and have an adventure together, write a story about the adventure and take it back to share the next day. Teddy's adventure with us was a trip to the post office (to mail a card to Tanya) and stop at the bank and library. Oh the excitement!! At least it wasn't video games like the other kids!


  1. Pretty soon they will call you the "Tube Family" . It will be great that the kids won't have to be fighting ear infection all the time. Hope you had a super weekend MOM

  2. Great pics Jess! Your boys are so adorable! Sorry to hear about another tube adventure! :( At least it will help your baby out! :)
    Hugs~ Kim


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