Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feeling Kinda SCRAPPY!

My friend Kim and other bloggers have me feeling a little scrappy....I used to do a little bit of scrapbooking, but NOTHING like what they have on their blogs. I have a few supplies from high school, my mom has bought me a few things over the years for crafting that naturally work for scissors to make the neat edges, great papers and stickers, etc. I've got ribbon left from my Christmas project, stuff like that is all over the house! I spent a couple bucks on a glue pen that I LOVE and a buck on some napkins and I'm scrapping a few cards! Easy, but I feel like something is missing. I don't have the great stamps or markers. But, that will come in time. I really like the looks of what Copic markers can do, but I can't afford $5 EACH for markers so I make do with my Crayolas. I have decent handwriting, too so that helps a bit. Anyway, before Christmas I e-mailed Kim with a technique I found online that was really cool looking. I would have tried it, but I wasn't scrapping at that time. Now, I seem to have the itch. So, I whipped out the legal pad, saran wrap, iron, napkins and pretty embellies and make a simple, pretty card! See?

First, you get a greeting card or cut your card stock to size. Lay it on the legal pad. Have 1 or two sheet open that you can lay over when you're ready to iron.

Then, you cut a piece of saran wrap a bit bigger than the card.

Then, pull the napkin apart so it is only one ply (sorry no pic of that step) and lay it on the card how you want it to look.

Then, lay the paper over the top and iron until the saran wrap is melted and your napkin is sticking to the cardstock. You'll probably need to test it to make sure.

Trim the excess.

And you are ready to decorate! (Or leave it alone...)
With a few pretties added:


  1. Jess that turned out fabulous! I think i will be hitting Factory Card Outlet this week looking for some fun and cheap napkins! :) Great tutorial! I am so glad you are getting into the paper crafting!
    Hugs~ Kim

  2. Jess those are really really cute! And hey I know Kim from the Wis Scrappers board! Funny!


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