Friday, December 05, 2008

Diet Cake: Day 1

Ok, I weighed in this morning at 180....that made me feel pretty good. I had been hovering about 183 and modified my eating a week or so ago. Yay me! So, if I'm gonna do this and do it half-way well, I'm gonna be reading and posting fitness and healthy eating tips over the next couple weeks. I believe in being educated. There is SO MUCH bad info out there, so I'll wade through it and post what I think is most helpful.

Today is that we need to eat enough. Yes, that means that you don't starve yourself to lose weight. Your body NEEDS fuel and to get that you need to eat enough calories. A yummy snack is cottage cheese with some fresh fruit on it...pears are so good with it (Yes, mother, I've been convereted to a pear eater). Try to eat 5-6 times a day. Keep your meals small, but eating more often, you don't need to eat large portions only 3 times a day. DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST. It's proven that people who eat a good breakfast lose more weight than those who don't.

We also need support. You can't "go it alone" and expect to have LONG LASTING weight loss. That's why weight watchers and other groups have meetings. You need the support of like-minded people to help you. Don't have the time and/or money for Weight Watchers? Join I know I've mention them before but the same holds true now. There are some great tools on that website. They can give you a target calorie count and you can input what you are eating to make sure that you're getting what you need.

So, go check out the girls at Diet Cake and join me and the others for a great holiday challenge!


  1. So it is important to eat a good breakfast... I will keep that in mind. Thanks!!

  2. Woo-Hoo! If you need any kind of support just let me know! I didn't have $$$ to join weigh watchers or anything 2 years ago...and I bought the Daily Calorie Journal and a King (something) Calorie Book...they both were pocket sized and fit in my purse and I wrote down EVERYTHING I ate and went for at least a 20 min walk a day....and have lost 40 lbs and kept it off now for almost 2 years! So if you need something just let me know! I am here to be your sounding board! :) are on t he right track! Keep up the great work!
    Hugs~ Kim


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