Saturday, November 15, 2008

New for YOU!

Hello out there, Bloggyland!

Over there --> I have two new gadgets for your ease. You can FOLLOW our adventures and also you can SUBSCRIBE to my blog so you never miss a thing. Cool, right?! In a few days, they'll be moving lower, so take advantage of their easy placement now! :)

And I'm thinking about hosting a giveaway soon, too. Possibly for those who are following us over there-->. Hmm, sounds a bit like bribery. I like it. I'll let you know before I do any drawings so you'll have time, but DON'T DELAY! FOLLOW TODAY! ;)

(And I really like when you comment. )


  1. bribery like with chocolate cake?

  2. I don't have a blog so I can not do this right?I tried and it said to sign up for blog to be able to do it?Not sure what all that means as I am not familiar with blog land lol.



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