Monday, October 20, 2008

The pix

Saturday morning the boys all got haircuts....goofing around, I left Rugby a "mohawk" but he liked it and ended up keeping it. We have a deal that it's gone on November 1st, so that's only another week or so. He likes it and likes it to stand up (which it does practically on it's own.)

We made a pear pie with the pears that we got last weekend at the orchard. It was Ginger Pear Pie from was alright, nothing spectacular, but was tasty.
Here's the cabinet under the sink a little further in progress. We bought pulls for the doors today, so that can go on and it will be done!
Then Tim added the quarter round to the cabinets in the kitchen. When we did the new floor, it didn't finish nice on the edges, so this took care of that.
(Don't look at the Cheerios on the floor, k?) Here he put the base trim around the cabinet in the kitchen under the breakfast bar where I keep my stand mixer. Finishes that off quite nicely!
And we put up the chair rail in Rugby's room, moved things around and have a dresser set sitting on the (protected) front porch (want to buy it??) I love how clean the chair rail makes the color contrast.

AND!! He put the trim board on the floor by the patio door. It cleans that up SO NICE!! No more little bit of rug showing and catching dirt and garbage. YAY!
So, that's how we spent our weekend, how about you??

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